Guatemala Travel Points

Travelers should certainly avoid revealing themselves to mosquito-borne diseases while in Guatemala, such as Zika Virus and Dengue Fever. These kinds of viruses are highly contagious and currently simply no vaccine or cure available. It is important to settle safe while traveling by applying insect-repellent, wearing very long pants, and avoiding places that there are large groups of people. Travellers should also steer clear of walking on your at night. Any time walking is necessary, consider using radio-dispatched taxis, or vetted privately owned drivers.

Travellers should plan the trip to Guatemala to avoid the rainy time. The country likes a semi-dry climate from November to April, which is pleasant just for outdoor activities. The rainy season, from May possibly to August, is hotter and more humid. 2 weeks . great time to visit as prices fall as well as the country is much less crowded.

Travelers should stay away from public transportation in Guatemala, as it can be dangerous. Instead, use authorized taxis or privately owned transport from your hotel. The state also has a rapid transit system called TransMetro, which can have you to any kind of location quickly. Visitors should avoid riding upon chicken buses, as these will be notorious intended for armed thievery and may trigger accidents. A huge selection of bus motorists have been put to sleep in Guatemala by bande and robbers.

While traveling through Guatemala, make certain to try the area cuisine. The land is known because of its delicious meals, influenced by both The spanish language and Mayan cultures. The national dish of Guatemala is roasted chicken pepian, a spicy stew that combines The spanish language and Mayan cuisines. For anyone who is planning to indulge in any of these activities, be sure to hire a guide who has knowledge and is acquainted with the area.

Travelers should prevent risky areas, especially after dark. Tourists should avoid flashing their particular jewelry or perhaps valuables, and use practical to stay safe. If driving alone through the night, visitors must not leave their inn unaccompanied. While hiking, they must also avoid walking on your at night, exposing themselves to bad weather, and never keeping a lot of cash with them. In addition , travellers should maintain their passport on them at all times.

Travelers should be cautious of the country’s political instability. While the country is generally safe, it is important to avoid protests or demos. If you find yourself in a situation where you think unsafe, leave immediately. A catenango volcano hike is normally an adventurous activity, but you need to spend for least just a few days in Antigua ahead of the trek.

Travelers should also keep in mind that Guatemala is a budget-friendly country. There are numerous hostels and affordable Airbnbs scattered through the entire country. You will definitely pay around 250 GTQ per day. A cheap meal within a local restaurant should never cost more than $5. In Antigua, I had been lucky enough to find a great restaurant designed for $12 per head. Typical foods in Guatemala are satisfying, vegetarian or vegan, and can include corn tortillas.

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